THE 2013

Before everything, Kediaman Meliala wants to wish you a very happy new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!!! WISH YOU A BLISSFUL YEAR AHEAD!! 2013 has been such a ride for us and we enjoyed it so much. So many things happened that we don’t really expected before, including the happy marriage 😀 Anyway, we are […]

Playing Host

Last Monday, for the first time ever, Meliala’s Residence got two lovely guests! Hip hip HURRAY! Hip hip HURRAY! Hip hip HURRAY! It started with a tweet from a respected Indonesian journalist living in London, “mau nonton fenerbahce main telat. galatasaray main away hari minggu. ya sudah. nonton tv saja.” Pancit, whose one of the […]

Being Married

So, what does it like, being in a marriage? Happy. Is one way to perceive it. Well, after being married for only a month, I think everybody could feels nothing but happiness. Waking up to a weird pose of my beloved one is a great day starter. Even when we’re not together, a simple text […]