Look Closer

There was a train of thought that struck me a couple of days ago. And I want to share it with you.

What is in your to-do list when you are preparing your wedding? Well, in my to-do list I had picking up invitation, trying the dress, buying souvenirs, and stuffs similar to those. There was no preparing myself to learn while being a wife.

Honestly, I didn’t take wedding so seriously. I was so damn happy waking up to his bloated face after my wedding day, but I didn’t really understand the meaning of being in a marriage. It’s a totally different form of relationship. It’s nothing like parent-children, brothers-sisters, best friends, it’s not even similar to boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.

It’s fun, it’s awesome, it’s full of grace, but also there is a tint of responsibility there.

Nobody is perfect. And of course you can’t be perfect at something that you’ve never had your hands on. That’s why I say prepare to learn, and not preparing myself to be a good wife. There is a learning process, together with every smile, sweet talk, and every kiss on your forehead.

The same goes for practically every thing else. I want to have something now, but it seems, I’m not well prepared for it.

My point is if we have something that we want but the universe hasn’t granted it to us, maybe the problem is in us. Maybe we are not prepared to get that. It doesn’t necessarily means that we are not prepared for hard times, because it turns out happiness can be overwhelming too.

So, let’s take a closer look at ourselves. Do we deserve it?

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