Impossible Dream

I have this lifelong dream to be something that is truly opposite of what I am now. Let’s say I dream to be a ballerina. I’ve talked to some of my close friends about this impossible dream and even among the very few who say that I should pursue it, I notice doubt in their words.

So, since Pancit is my partner for infinity and beyond, I talked to him about this matter. I was being a drag queen when I talk to him about it. I thought Pancit, just like everybody else, thinks of this as another impossible dream of mine.

I don’t blame anybody, though. My childhood and teenage life was full of school and extracurricular in school. I know nothing but studying, reading comic (or any kind of book), Tsubasa and some useless extra-terrestrial skills. Thus the moment I lived away from my parents, I started creating many impossible dreams, including being the first person to live on Saturn’s moon.

So, this morning I was very happy when Pancit sent me a link for ballerina school. I feel like “aaaaaaaaaw, Panciiiiit”.

I may not go to the school, or I may not even be a ballerina. Yet, I appreciate his effort to listen and elaborate so much.

I love you, Pancit!!

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