Being Married

So, what does it like, being in a marriage?

Happy. Is one way to perceive it. Well, after being married for only a month, I think everybody could feels nothing but happiness. Waking up to a weird pose of my beloved one is a great day starter. Even when we’re not together, a simple text could mean the world to me. And yeah, you may put any cheesy romantic sentence in this paragraph, ‘coz I don’t mind, I’m in love 🙂

The next thing that I feel is, pressured. Think of marriages as a casino. It’s a fun place to be, right? But, being married means you may only play in one table and put all of your chips in a number. The number. Only ONE number and ALL of your chips. Can you feel the pressure now?

So, you have all of my dreams and he also has some. You do things your way, he does his. It wasn’t a problem, until you realize there is no turning back from here. It’s quite a big deal, eh?

You don’t need to be afraid, though. ‘Coz you know what? I don’t mind, I’m in love 🙂

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