Maris, Wife of Pancit

When I’m a wife of someone, I will proudly state it in my CV, “Maris, wife of…”

I didn’t remember that I have tweeted something like this. I tweeted it last year, in February 2013. At that moment, I didn’t know that I was going to be married in 6 months. 😀

First thing first, I’d like to congratulate the past me, “congratulations, finally you have something to put in your CV!” :mrgreen:

Why did (still do) I consider being married is worthy of a place in my CV?

Well, marriage is more or less a job.

To get a job, we have to pass some assessment processes, similarly, to be married we have to pass certain exams. Exams. With an s. Plural. The exams come from our parents, our family members, our loved ones, our in-laws gonna-be, our friends, or even strangers. Everybody give us exam and judge us, whether we are ready for marriage life or not. No, you can can’t take TOMFR (Test of Marriage as Foreign Relationship) and send the score to all of them. Everybody has their own standards, thus the exams. With an s.

After passing the tests, you have to work, right? It is also the same in marriage. You have to work. Everyday. 24/7. Without holiday. Underpaid. Many takes marriage for granted, but I don’t agree with them. You have to make it work. You have to listen when your spouse talks. You have to cook him/her porridge when s/he is sick. You have to hug him/her and share your happiness. You have to buy him/her chocolates. You have to love your better half more and more every day and even more when you have a bad day.

In marriage we also need to sacrifice. We have to volunteer. When s/he looks tired, we volunteer to massage him/her. When she is having PMS, we volunteer to be her punching bag. When he is playing football, we volunteer to be his goalpost. Even more, we volunteer to share our KFC original chicken skin just to see him/her smile.

Do you see my point now?

People put their past jobs, experiences, and volunteer activities into their CVs. Why not put marriage? It’s the whole package.

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