To Our Future Kids #5

In the year 2013, your dad won his first cup (non international competitions) in Ankara. His FIRST cup in like EVER!

mini liga champions

Sorry for our expressions. The photo was taken at FIVE in the MORNING.

No! Don’t laugh at your dad. He loves football and he is awesome, almost as awesome as I am, he’s just, how should I put it? Unlucky? Yeah, I guess it will do.

His first cup comes from a competition between Indonesians in Turkey as part of celebration for Hari ABRI. He got some money, which later he used to treat me a portion of iskender.

When you look at the cup, you’ll notice the similarity between that and the Champions League cup. They both have big ears. That’s why your dad think of the cup as mini-Champions League cup. For your own safety, every time you mention this cup to your dad, make sure you use the words mini-Champions League cup, instead of Hari ABRI cup, OK?

Piala mini Liga Champions pertama gue bersama sang istri tercintah [picture]

That’s what he tweeted, I mean he wrote it in twitter. Do you guys know what twitter is? Is it still popular in your days or have they move on to hologram quote, instead? Yes, I love saying hologram and I love hologram. Anyway, I love his tweet. I don’t know the reason, I just love it. Like how I love your dad. I can say thousands of reasons, but even without those reasons, I’ll still love your dad 🙂

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