To Our Future Kids #2

Kids, this is not the story of how I met your dad (to get the joke, you should build a time machine and go to year 2005 – 2013, when How I Met Your Mother was quite a hit. I knew the series from your dad and we’ve been watching it together ever since. Season 9 in 2013 is supposed to be their last season, though).

Unlike many people, who write to-our-future-kids as something for their kids to read, I write this series more to remind me (and your dad) of how cool we were. Kidding, it’s meant to remind us on what kind of parents we wanted to be. If, one day your dad and I have argument with you and we, just like many parents, act like a**h****s, maybe you should remind us to read this series again.

Naaah, seriously kids, this series is made to tell you how awesome your dad and mom were (and still are).

How can we not be awesome?! Your dad is someone who baptised Teflon cookwares! And your mom is someone who thought that supermoon looks, at least, as big as this


This screensaver was awesome, when I get my first computer. I could spend a day doing nothing but looking at this. And play solitaire.

or like this,


It will be nicer if there are dragons around it.

when it actually is just like this,


Blah. disappointing!

See? Your parents are cool, eh?

Anyway, we are awesome and we hope we can see the next supermoon with you, kids. 😀

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