The Melialas

Since June 2016, Kediaman Meliala is blessed with the presence of a cute little boy nicknamed Abra. So now, there are three Melialas living in the Kediaman, Pancit (the husband, aka Meliala #1), Maris (the wife, aka Meliala #2), and Mbel (the first son, aka Meliala #3).

Pancit is cute and lovable from head to toe. He also is a football enthusiast and writer. If you need a football writer (or presenter) then you may contact us!

While Maris is a kepo enthusiast. She also likes writing, like Pancit, yet her writing is more of a random. She writes about anything, but work report.

Abra loves music and dancing around. He also prefer being outside than inside the house. Hail nature!

Welcome to our world!

Contact us at themeliala [at] gmail [dot] com or fill in the form below 😀

Note: The header image is designed by Freepik.